Another one like napster will come

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Some systems, such as Freenetuse specially crafted Peer-to-Peer architectures for the explicit purpose of implementing something without centralized components, even though that is a much more complex implementation for its simple file sharing.

For Recording Industry, Napster Is Just the Tip of Piracy Iceberg

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Data Protection Choices

The music that is downloaded is highly compressed and the sound quality often is not as good as that of a CD. These theives are very sly.

But if the industry tomorrow were to legitimize Napster [by dropping its lawsuit against the company], Napster could survive and the industry would help itself tremendously. In my Social Psych class it was played for students, backwards, and nobody could hear a message in it.

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Peer-to-Peer P2P is a term used a lot these days. Honestly, when you play this backwards there is a hidden message. Dude the Brady Bunch is on. To all You revese music lovers out there However, the lawyers who filed the lawsuit seem to be focusing on two recent, but well known, cases to support their filing.

Way back in when the Y2K bug had everyone gripped in a vice of fear, a peer-to-peer music sharing website by the name of Napster started gaining traction amongst American college students, who used the online service to share MP3 files of songs amongst one another for free.

And Here Come The YouTube Copyright Lawsuits from the had-to-show-up-sooner-or-later dept Just as some were talking about how YouTube had been able to avoid lawsuits from angry copyright holders though, they receive plenty of cease-and-desist lettersthe EFF is pointing out that a news service in LA is now suing YouTube for copyright infringement.

Rhapsody, which arose as the music industry was grappling with file-sharing services like Napster, this year rebranded its U.S.

operations as Napster, and only holds a fraction of the subscribers. The illegal copying and sharing of music wasn’t new, of course. Back inbootlegs from three legendary rock artists were released within a few months of one another.

RIAA refutes Napster's claim by claiming that every person's computer who is a Napster user is part of the "System" and thus element #4 is not satisfied because then copies of MP3's are stored on the "System" longer than necessary, and therefore, Napster should not be immune from liability.

One such musician to publicly defend Napster as a promotional tool for independent artists was Dj xealot, who became directly involved in the A&M Records Lawsuit. Chuck D from Public Enemy also came out and publicly supported Napster. Oct 26,  · Napster's announcement Tuesday of a strategic alliance with music-publishing leviathan Bertelsmann to turn Napster into a "membership-based service".

File Sharing (Napster & Kazza Alternatives) File Sharing has become very popular since the advent of MP3s and Napster. Because Napster got in trouble, other programs will have to be used.

Another one like napster will come
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RIAA v. Napster